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3 Lessons Learned From Spider-Man

When I think about all of the movies that I can effortlessly watch over and over again, the movies that stop and grab my attention (again) in mid scroll of finding entertainment on 200 plus cable channels….Spider-Man is always one of them. Not to mention others like Iron Man, Avengers, and of course The Incredible Hulk…I did not realize that my significant taste in escaping from reality to channel my inner childhood crush for superpowers would go on well into my adult years.

I am not the only one.  Have you seen the attendees at Comic Con?  I think I have spotted more adults than children dressed to par and ready to fight the powers that be. Together Hip Hop and Comics formed an allegiance of Super heroes with stage names, bravados and elaborate imaginations in lyrics. Is it because of the genius behind the suit?  The real super hero, Stan Lee?  The veteran died on Veteran’s Day at the age of 95.

Honestly, I knew Spider-Man before I knew Stan Lee. Spider-Man introduced me to a man that would co-create a legacy of creative imagination that my future generations will come to know.

Here are 3 lessons from Spider-Man and Stan Lee;

  1. Trust your “Spidey Senses,” Call it that.  Call it intuition or gut instincts. Spider-Man used his senses when he felt that there was danger, trouble or something was not feeling right.
  2. Never Stop Creating.  Spiders are incredible in creating webs.  A remarkable sight to see produced by an insect. Stan Lee was still creating until his death.  Keep creating, keep producing as long as you are capable to do so.
  3. Use Your Powers for Good.  Stan Lee created characters that had human characteristics that would seem flawed, such as the inability to control your temper without turning into a green, massive beyond human experiment.  However, in his flaws, was his greatest strength. Stan Lee also addressed social issues using his platform that reached the masses.

Soulful Sips salutes all the Super heroes of the world.  Thank you Stan Lee.  Excelsior!