Have Fun and Get It Done: 6 Traveling Gigs

Aretha Franklin refused to fly on airplanes after experiencing terrible turbulence on a flight headed to Luther Vandross’ funeral. This fear turned into an expensive fear as she was unable to perform for fans overseas.  My fear in traveling would derive from finances…will I have an apartment to come back to after I pay for Mom plus the Mini- Me Crew…or how long will it take to replenish the depleted leave I would have on the books upon my return to work, because having some leave on reserve is essential when you have school aged children.  I must mention that none of these fears has ever stopped me.

However, there is the sacrifice…Extended weekends here…King 3 Day Holiday weekends there…Mommas have to get super creative with time and planning vacations….Or, or, here me out…

What if we chose a career that depended on travel? A gig that would allow one to tow kids in hand or allow that, “Momma be back,” vibe?  Here are 6 Gigs that one can Have Fun and Get it Done;  Lets call this part one because I have a sneaky suspicion that this subject will need to be revisited:

  1.  Road Manager:  Bonus points if you’re a road manager of an artist or group whose music you enjoy.
  2. English Teacher: People all over the world would compensate you for your English skills and learn it faster than it took for you to study it.
  3. Cruise Ship Worker:  Sounds like fun as long as I can jump ship whenever I become bored or seasick.
  4. Consultant: Your audience is worldwide and waiting to pay you for your experience.
  5. Tour Guide: Become a Travel Agent, learn the land and show others!
  6. Au Pair: I love children but leaving my children to travel and be with other children does not suit my travel goals.  However, it is perfect for someone special.

Most importantly, whenever you travel, be sure to keep it light.