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7 Ways to Mastering the Art of Resiliency Like A Boss

It does not take one to become an entrepreneur to understand that "Life Happens."  Situations arise out of our control, sometimes shaking our world upside down like when death hits the family, a sudden change in work status that disrupts your lifestyle, or anything that may appear unexpectedly in your life, causing you to fall down...feeling like forever.

This is when you have to activate your "ROR,"  Resilience on Reserve, to rise above your challenges and get back up.

Resilience is defined in the dictionary as : An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

Entrepreneurs know all about being resilient.

The ability to have resilience will either  defend or defeat an entrepreneurs's willpower in overcoming adversity.

On A perfect Sunday in Queens, I had the opportunity to sit among gracious and distinguished guests, many business women whom shared their experiences in entrepreneurial realm.

The event, "The Art of Resiliency: Women in Business Brunch, " hosted by Media Professional, Sharon Devonish Leid of NetStruc PR  was held at Pa-Nash Euro Soul Restaurant, where Serial Entrepreneur and owner, Annette Runcie was one of the  Keynote Speakers as well as Vera Moore, Beauty Entrepreneur & CEO of Vera Moore Cosmetics. 

Left: Vera Moore of Vera Moore Cosmetics. Right: Annette Runcie of Pa-Nash EuroSoul Restaurant

I was among the participants that sat down to a healthy and uplifting dining experience filled with nutrients and empowerment for any woman in business or anyone inspiring to go through the doors into the entrepreneurial world...

What is the key to your success?


Here are 7 Ways to Master the Art of Resiliency;

  1. Sacrifice.  Vera Moore shared her stories of having to make great sacrifices in running her business and sometimes that meant shaving costs to make ends meet, like eating grits for dinner as opposed to dining out.  As a successful business woman who has been there, done that, Vera stressed the importance of sacrifice for what you believe in as in her own words, "The Success is Really in Your Stuggle."

  2. Preparation.  Seeing the Big Picture and  Vision as an entrepreneur, means being prepared for that opportunity to show up in your life and when it does, Are you ready to embrace it? As you discover new business processes, learn lessons resulting from missed opportunities, take mental note, get prepared, stay ready!

  3. Maintenance.  Taking stock and inventory of your business is one thing BUT first you must invest in your own personal health & wellness.  The key to being the Boss is Bossing up and taking control of your wellness and lifestyle choices.

  4. Take Risks.  Annette Runcie of Pa-Nash EuroSoul Restaurant, shared stories of her journey as a serial entrepreneur and not having the formal experience or background in the culinary business, other than watching her own Father's love for cooking as a professional chef on a cruise ship.  This did not stop her in her pursuit to open a restaurant, so through training and experience Annette pushed through it all.  "Turn No's in A Yes," as she passionately stated.

  5. Stay Positive. "Through the hard times, you learn so much about yourself,"  Annette confessed. It is not about pretending everything is all GOOD but seeing the GOOD in all things.

  6. Serve.  It is important to be of service to others.  Stepping up to become part of the solution in support of your community or the world is essential. Annette opened Pa-Nash with the intention to provide a luxury dining experience in the community of Queens as opposed to having to travel to Manhattan for fine dining.  The Women's Brunch was also held to benefit and empower the youth of the community through her organization, A.Y.E.S.  which stands for Alexander Youth Etiquette Success, named after her late Father, Alexander Hurd.

  7. Support. As we gathered under the Pa-Nash roof, it was evident that all of us were there for a purpose to support one another.  The event supported the cause to empower youth, inspire entrepreneurs and women in business.  Support is the oil that lubricates the wheels of resiliency as you move forward in your life's journey.